Botanica Blanket Crochet Pattern

Few models manage to draw my attention so much when it comes to blanket, because because I am in this universe that I am completely passionate about, each model we see always leads us to some and bring back the memory, I don’t know if you can understand me, but it is this feeling of mine, however, with this model something has changed.

Here at Patterns Here I try to bring the best models just so that you can get to know the news, have access to the most beautiful and incredible models and with that you can learn, produce each model and regardless of which category we are citing, this is the main objective. Precisely so that all this can inspire you and manage to keep you going deeper and deeper into this wonderful craft that we are completely passionate about, isn’t it?

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Botanica Blanket Crochet Pattern

And Botanica Blanket was something that really made me really impressed and passionate, it was just impossible to ignore the fact that I found a blanket in this style and model so unique and wonderful. Of course, the fact of being green also contributed a lot to that, which is something I need to confess that is one of my favorite colors and exactly in that shade of green. Honestly it is just perfect and incredible, in addition to the details, the points and how well the color contrast was distributed. It’s perfect. You must be understanding me for sure, because I believe it is something natural when using this crochet blanket.

It is funny because when I went back to develop this model and following the pattern I discovered that in reality this model came from an inspiration from a model that I had never really seen, but improved. Obviously that is my opinion. And another point of inspiration was just a botanical garden, in the case of Copenhagen. This made me find this model even more incredible because it is just something very unique and exclusive, to be able to develop a model inspired by an environment is something that really needs to have a creativity and unique talent. So I need to highlight such quality, such creativity from Rachele Carmona, here is my admiration and congratulations for producing and reproducing a model with such incredible inspiration.

This is incredible because finding models that are inspired by others or something, is something natural and that honestly is what normally motivates someone to produce a model, isn’t it? But few are actually able to bring this into the final model ready, this is something very incredible. What I found incredible is that if I had not gone after producing the same model, I would never realize that this model uses at least 5 types of shades of green, believe me? I really wouldn’t realize it, but it is precisely these details that make Botanica Blanket even more special.

Of course, my intention here is to inspire you and the pattern you will find other colors, other inspirations which is incredible. Because sometimes we want to have an idea of ​​the model in another without having to work to produce it, and in that you will be able to find it. Once again, my gratitude to Rachele for sharing a model with such perfection and dedication. And also my invitation to you who have friends or family who love crochet to send Patterns Here for them to know. I’m sure that here he will find something. May you have fun and enjoy this pattern. Xoxo!


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