The Wool Eater Blanket Crochet Pattern

I believe that one of the most famous styles that exist in the world of crafts in general is the blankets, because they are extremely beautiful, have amazing designs, irresistible colors and more than all that, there is something that stands out in my opinion for other models : they are useful.

Note that when we talk about craft models, be it crochet, quilt or even knitting, the beauty, colors, stitches, details, sewing, in short, everything is very valued and very incredible. And I’m not going to lie that sometimes it makes us produce a model and want it to be part of our portfolio, but there’s something that calls us more attention, even though it’s utility. And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about today with The Wool Eater Blanket.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – The Wool Eater Blanket Crochet Pattern

He is a beautiful model, he has an incredible design, with beautiful details, the colors of the models that we brought here are fascinating and inspiring colors for us to produce, right? But what makes me even happier finding a model like this is knowing that it will be very useful for us. Whether for you to make an entire blanket of this style, or to use the stitches and details as a reference and produce your model, the truth is that it will really be useful and this for me has been more worthwhile than anything else.

Crochet quilts have this striking feature that should be valued and recognized by all of us, and I believe faithfully that this is exactly what makes it so gain our scenario. That’s exactly what makes it so appreciated, so loved and that whenever we find these blanket models we want to produce. And this is not only exclusive to crochet, but to all categories of crafts that exist. What I mean by all of this is that if you want to produce something that stands out, my tip is to produce something useful. Of course the three pillars that I always mention here are important and should be scored, but more than that, you need to produce something useful and even if it is useful to inspire someone with a different point or colors that maybe no one has ever thought of join.

I say this to encourage and motivate you in the next productions, after all, Patterns Here is full of models that maybe not very useful, but they are models that in a way will always inspire us to produce something new, to do it differently, get out of the box and even gain a prominence in the world of crafts that many seek. The Wool Eater is one of those models that make any environment perfect, its details and stitches are incredible and will make you learn and grow a lot in your knowledge of crochet, which is very, very valuable, isn’t it? And I was happy to be able to share it with you here today. When Sarah produces such an amazing model, makes herself available to produce her pattern and share it for free, it deserves to be recognized and deserves to be valued, so here’s my thank you and that you never give up and stop, because her models are perfect!

I want to say to you who are here for the first time that I am very happy to receive you, it is a privilege for me to be able to welcome you here and I hope you feel good here at Patterns Here, after all, all I have done and tried to share is so that you and thousands of people can enjoy good quality content, accessible patterns and most importantly: getting inspired to always grow and learn about this art that we love so much. But what about you, tell me, what do you think about Patterns Here? Your opinion is very important to me! So I hope you like this post, enjoy it a lot and see you next time, xoxo!


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