Granny Stripes Crochet Pattern

It’s amazing when we find some models that make us excited and excited, isn’t it? This feeling is unique and not all models cause this in us, in this case, there are very few. But it’s really a pleasure to be found and seen, I hope you feel the same way with today’s model.

Of course, today I decided to bring you an incredible crochet blanket model and I know you will have fun, it is really beautiful and has many ways to be made, produced and still has an incredible style. I know you may be seeing a lot of colorful models around here, but I have to say these are my favorite styles. But I have some really good tips to give you, in case you’re not a super fan of these more colorful styles, right? Are you prepared?

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Granny Stripes Crochet Pattern

Today’s model is called the Granny Stripes and is simply amazing. I just loved the stitches and the way it’s done, it’s important to score because you realize it’s so different when it’s produced. I was very excited because this different style, with stitches made in a unique way is really cool to be seen and found. Realize that it’s really done in a really cool and fun way, so it’s worth that when you make this model, in production, you understand that you’re getting a cool model.

But as I had commented that I would share some tips with you that would be very valuable not only for this model, but that it will serve you to produce any model and I’m sure these tips will help you in many moments, they will even serve to alleviate and be able to reach the models in a more practical and easy way. So, look what I’ve separated for you, of course some tips are very particular and that’s what I usually do in certain models, not all, but this is very particular. That’s why I always comment for you to post and tell me what’s cool for you, because we’re going to share information and share experiences.

The first thing I want to say to you is that for all the models and patterns that you get to produce, it’s worth reading or watching the entire video. This I say because when we get the patterns to read before production starts, it helps us a lot because it really makes us prepare for whatever comes during production. Several times, at least with me, I happened to start a pattern even before following the whole thing, and in the middle of the production I realized that something was missing, whether it was a product or a point that should have been done differently before. Understand the importance of this, and I’m sure your production will be even better.

The second tip I want to share with you and that’s not just me talking, but even Attic24 who shared this model with us, is the fact that in some cases it pays off a lot for you to produce a smaller model before actually doing what think about doing. That’s because when you produce a smaller model, it helps you a lot in production after you make it in full size. Of course, this is not true for all models, but on this Granny Stripe exclusively, it’s really worth it. And I’m sure you’ll find that in other models it’s also worth it, that’s very important.

The third and final tip that I’ve separated here to share with you is the fact that you are well focused and with a lot of attention at the time of production, it helps you and helps a lot. I remember when I took it to accompany my grandmother who produces her models watching TV and managing to make the models with her unique stitches and styles. This is really amazing, but some models, even her with all her experience, needs to stop and fully focus so that the model comes out as she dreams and as she really expected. So keep that, everyone is able to produce some models, but this with focus and attention.

Well, I hope you’re enjoying Patterns Here, I’ve brought here all the models for you that I’ve liked a lot. It is important that you tell me later what you are thinking of each model here and the content that I have separated, for me it is very important that you inform what you have found. I’m happy to have you here, share the site with your friends too, it helps me a lot as I grow up here. So that’s it, that’s it for today. See you next time, xoxo!


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