Wip Wednesday Cardigan Crochet Pattern

I am an avowed fan of crochet styles made with cardigan, jacket and coatigan style. Honestly it’s models like that that make me fall more and more in love with the crochet universe, it’s all done so well and so perfect that words sometimes fail to describe the feeling of being able to share free patterns with you from these styles, I’m sure you will have fun producing this model and I hope you like it because it is just amazing!

The Wip Wednesday Coatigan Crochet is a very amazing model, it is too perfect and it sure has a very special touch. The best part about all this is that it still manages to be extremely useful and if you visit Patterns Here, you know that this is one of my pillars to always be producing some models. I even mentioned this a few posts ago, I say this precisely because I can share with you models that will really serve you for something. a day, precisely for this reason I try my best to police myself to share these specific models here.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Wip Wednesday Coatigan Crochet Pattern

Another highlight of this model is that it reminds me a lot of the Colorful Cardigan Granny Square, they can even say that it’s exactly the same thing, but I’ll say it isn’t. I really love this model and something similar to it I would definitely like it too, but it has some nice differences even though it’s very similar visually. The first difference I noticed between them is that the Wip Wednesday Coatigan is a model not for intense cold days, they are for those cooler days and why do I say that? I say this because we can see that the points between them have a larger space, thus providing a refreshment to the body. The Colorful Cardigan, on the other hand, for being a Granny Square style turns out to be well closed and ideal for very cold days.

Another thing I could notice is that obviously the colors are different, but it has different details and finishes as well. As they are both a Granny Square style it is worth noting that they will provide you with a very valuable technical knowledge for your crocheting life, believe me. As someone who is always looking for new things and bringing amazing patterns for you, I can say for sure that styles like Granny Squares are one of the most used in the world and will serve a lot to help you in many productions. It’s worth the dedication and investing some time to at least learn the style, I’m sure you won’t regret it and can grow even more as a designer!

One of the points that I found sensational about Wip Wednesday Coatigan is the fact that the pattern is available and allows you to develop in various sizes, this is just perfect and it helps a lot who produces models for resale. Obviously if you work with custom models, it is completely possible in almost all cases to take the person’s measurements to be able to produce them with greater precision, but very often the reality is to want to leave some models for prompt delivery and this makes life much easier. from the designer, this is really very valid. That’s why it’s worth taking advantage of a pattern like this.

Besides being a simply amazing pattern, it is very well done and I’m sure you will love and have fun producing it. So I really hope you enjoy and enjoyed today’s model, also take the opportunity to invite your friends and family to visit Patterns Here, of course, if they also love crochet, quilt and knitting, after all, there are amazing patterns here and you are sure to you must already know that. So that’s it guys, that’s it for today and I hope you enjoy it a lot. See you next time, xoxo!


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