Five Modern Quilts Patterns

Hi guys, how are you? I hope you are well! Today I’m going to share with you some very modern quilt designs that are hot and successful. This is because the designs of these quilts besides being easy to make, have a minimalist style and very colorful, which is what almost everyone likes, isn’t that right? And for those who don’t like a lot of color, the patterns are totally adaptable to neutral colors, so use only fabrics that you have in stock and let’s learn these wonders together!

The first pattern I brought was this amazing quilt with pumpkin drawings, because we are almost in the Halloween season and we have to get into the mood, don’t we?

Pumpkin Quilt

The design is very minimalist and actually reminds me of paper folds, because in some versions its design has something more geometric.
For sure it’s an amazing option to do now at Halloween time, but it’s a totally discreet pattern and adaptable to any time of the year.
Moreover, this pattern will be perfect for beginners, it’s something easy and seems to be fast to do, so you who are just starting out, how about this option?

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Pumpkin Quilt

Thrive Quilt

Now if there is a pattern that has a geometric and very minimalist design is the Thive Quilt. I found it super modern and also seems to be easy to learn and get the hang of.
Its zig zag design makes the quilt versatile for any kind of environment and adaptable to any fabric. The original version has pastel colors mixed with bright colors, but you can use your imagination when making it. I definitely want one of these in my bedroom!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Thrive Quilt

Hello Posy

This pattern has also become quite famous for its simplicity and delicacy. The flower design is very reminiscent of paper folding, making it a feminine quilt, a great option for a girl’s room. Its original version has opaque and printed fabric colors, a delicate mix with neutral and pastel colors. Of course we can adapt the version to something more colorful, that’s up to you. I found the pattern amazing and it also looks easy to learn.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Hello Posy

Sassy Granny Quilt

This pattern is perhaps the simplest to learn among those that I brought. This is because the cutting of the fabrics in a square format is very simple to do, relying only on the ability to assemble the design imposed in the pattern.
Its design is as if it were several crosses, which gives it a minimalist look and is also easy to adapt to any environment in your home. Neutral colors compose the original version of the pattern, but fully adaptable to bright and vibrant colors.
Its version also gives us hints of printed fabrics, those floral ones make it more delicate and feminine.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Sassy Granny Quilt

Soul Shine Quilt

Last but not least, I came to share this pattern that is called Soul Shine, a star shape with a square cutout in the middle that leaves a minimalist design as well. It is a pattern that has been a success, because stars in quilts are always very pleasing.
Made of blocks, it is also a nice pattern for beginners and has several versions, so choose well the fabrics for your quilt to be harmonious and beautiful. I like this option, don’t you?

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Soul Shine Quilt

It was nice and fun to share these patterns with you, I hope you have enjoyed them, and if you make any of the patterns mentioned, please share them with us.
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