Beds for Pets

Hello everyone, today I came to share something necessary and very cute too! I don’t know if many of you have pets, but I do and I’ve noticed how important it is to take care of them as if they were part of our family, because they are!

Lately, raising a pet has become very common, either in big families, or even in places where people are lonely, in these cases, a pet is for sure a better friend and even better company than people! I have a cat and a dog, and I love them more than anything, they are practically my children, I take care of them as if they were my own.

And taking care of them is not only about giving them food and water, but also taking them to the petshop for a bath, taking them to the vet, taking care of them when they are sick and even taking care of the place where they sleep. Did you know that having a place for them to sleep is very important? Veterinarian Dr. Carolina Pozzebom tells us that their bed is a place where they leave their smell, their identity, where they feel comfortable psychologically and physically, besides having a soft place to rest.

In addition, uneven places, such as hard, rough, and icy floors can cause damage to your pet, did you know that? Resting pets in these places can cause aggravation of calluses, which cause your pet a lot of pain. Even having a corner for them, prevents them from looking for another corner, such as your bed or the sofa… They like to feel part of the house, part of the family, so having a corner just for them creates that feeling of belonging.

For this reason, we have brought here some options of crocheted bedding for your pet! We are crafters, whether beginners or experts in the subject, these patterns are suitable for anyone! First of all, it is important to know how to identify what would be the ideal type of bed for your pet, if you have a large dog for example, they usually like a bed that is wider and open, that they feel free to turn over at night and get out of easily. For small pets, they usually like it to be warm and cozy, they are not used to moving around a lot at night, they like to stay in tight spaces, perhaps to feel more secure.

It is also important to think about the climate of your city, some have tropical weather, where it is hot and cold, in these cases it would be ideal to think of two options, a bed lined with soft and warm yarns, and another with a waterproof lining, which is usually cooler in the heat. Also think about your pet, if it is very hairy, dogs and cats with a lot of hair do not feel very cold even in winter. Look at these options:

Kitty Bed

Kitty Bed
Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Kitty Bed

An open and cozy looking bed for both cats and dogs. It is the perfect model for pets that tend to be more spacious. It has an extra thick, velvety texture. The finished bed is 24″ wide and 3″ deep and requires 5 skeins of your favorite acrylic wool yarn. You will also need a size K crochet hook with polyester lining, sewing pins, a stitch marker, and a finishing needle.


Big Little Pet Bed

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Big Little Pet Bed

This bed is already made with jumbo yarn, making it look coarse but beautiful! It is a fully adjustable model for the size of your pet, and its design is almost a decorative object for your home, choose a beautiful color that matches the environment that your pet likes to stay.


Marley’s Cat Cave or Bed

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Marley’s Cat Cave or Bed

This pattern is more common for cats, they like beds where there is a hole to crawl into. They also usually don’t like a lot of light when they sleep, so this bed is perfect because it is more enclosed. If you want to make this model for your dog, pay attention to the size of the dog, if he will feel comfortable in there, large dogs usually won’t like it.


Bernat Crochet Pet Bed

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Bernat Crochet Pet Bed

This is a model similar to the first pattern, its difference is that this bed has a softer and more comfortable base, and its lateral half is of a more robust yarn, leaving it as if it were a protector around it. Perfect pattern for both dogs and cats! So, did you enjoy the article? Tell me if one of these patterns will be perfect for your pet, I loved them all!


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