Chandelier Quilt Pattern

Hello everyone, I am here again to share a classic but very awesome quilt that you will love to learn how to make. Many of you may have already seen it, the older ones in this business for sure, but for the newbies and beginners you will love to know it, because it brought a very easy to learn pattern. Let’s go?

The pattern I came to share is called Chandelier, which is composed of geometric shapes, more precisely squares, that form a line of small, medium and large squares. When I saw this quilt I immediately thought of sharing it with you, because I know that you love a simple pattern that you don’t need to spend months working on. I am also practical and I like to finish it quickly, because I already want to use it…

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Chandelier Quilt Pattern

I also like patterns that I can use my imagination and creativity to do it my way, this pattern for example has its format defined, but we can play with fabrics, prints and various colors. When I went digging I saw several incredible versions, both the more colorful ones, who like to abuse colors and call attention, and the more classic ones, who like pastel colors, or floral prints, as our grandmothers used to do. I confess that the classic models enchant me.

Perfect pattern for practicality, it is fun and has a beginner, confident and superior skill level. I believe that quilts that have geometric shapes never go out of fashion, so I am always looking for them, they are easy to make and the possibilities of playing with colors is endless. I found this model sophisticated and at the same time subtle with its shapes, I believe that it is also one of the models that you most like to make.

Another thing I discovered about this model is that it was designed by Vanessa Goertzen, who says that the geometric shapes, more precisely, 5 inch squares of pre-cut fabric, illustrate diamonds, and really the quilt reminds us of this jewel of such sophistication. It is one of Vanessa’s most popular patterns, that’s because it has gone so viral, I guess everyone likes a pattern that is practical to make, don’t they?

My tip for you is, the holidays are coming, and with them our glorious Christmas, and I am already preparing my decoration, including the tablecloths. I believe that this is a perfect pattern to do in Christmas theme, the format matches a lot, and as I am a classic, I already bought my fabrics in green and red and will start making my tablecloth and my bedspread. I love to get into the Christmas mood, it reminds me of joy, family unity, delicious food and gifts. Of course, we can’t forget the biggest reason, which is the birth of our Jesus Christ!

Well, I am sure you will use this pattern for everything and will want to keep it always, because it is one of the most practical patterns I have ever seen. And in case you have someone to give, this is a great gift option, there is no one who doesn’t like this pattern!

I hope you have enjoyed this article, I always like to give my opinion and tips about the patterns that I bring here, sometimes we really need a direction, especially beginners, I love helping those who are starting out, because I’ve also been in this place and loved having the support I had back then! So here is my incentive to you, don’t give up, when you reach each result, each work, you will see that each effort was worth it. I feel that way every time I finish a quilt! Share with us what you thought and don’t forget to share this pattern with your friends and family!


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