Water Bottle Holder

Hello Friends! How are you? I hope you are always well! Today I brought you an inspiration that went viral and I am sure that if you are a born crochet lover, you will love this idea and will put it on your list of patterns to make! And I’m simply talking about a Water Bottle Holder!

In the summer we naturally feel thirstier and drink more water, but what about in the cold? Are you in the habit of drinking water? I noticed that when I have a bottle of water around I drink it, but if I don’t have it I don’t even remember! So this idea that you can carry a bottle of water anywhere encourages you to drink more water and stay hydrated!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Water Bottle Holder

The crocheted water carriers are a great option not only for the summer, but for all times of the year, and also make a great gift option, don’t you think? The pattern of the holder is very simple and is usually quick to make, I found the idea creative and not at random it went viral on the networks!

The pattern I brought, the craftsman chose to use 100% cotton thread for the project to avoid stretching. Still gives the hint to do in a neutral color to match any outfit you’re wearing, but as it is a simple pattern, we can do several colors and have several options to match all the clothes we have, I’ll of course already join this accessory!

The materials you will need are: one 100% cotton ball of the color of your choice, a crochet needle that adapts to the yarn you choose, a US size 7 hook, more precisely 4.5mm for this project. A tapestry needle, a pair of scissors, a water bottle (important to choose the one you always use to drink water or take to places, it will be your mold), this pattern was used a 750ml bottle with a height of 30 cm and a diameter of 8cm.

It says here that the skill level has to be advanced beginner, this means that you have to have some notion about crochet. Well, the final size of the holder will be diameter: 4.5″ (11.5 cm), body length: 10″ (25.5 cm), handle length: 8.6″ (22 cm), weighing 58 grams and yardage is 89.2m.

Important to remember is that the stand will be heavier when carrying with a full water bottle, so the stand will stretch a bit, so keep the length of the strap on the shorter side to support the stretch.

The gauge is 12pb and 12 rows with a 4.5mm crochet needle. The bottom circle of the holder should be about 3 inches in diameter, or of course, the size needed to fit your water bottle. Adjustment can be made with a larger or smaller hook, or use another type of yarn with a different weight.

Remember that this water bottle holder is worked from the bottom up in joined loops, the handle of the holder is made in turned rows. More details on the pattern shared below.

Guys, the idea is incredible and I am sure you will adhere to it, it is very useful and will help you to stimulate drinking more water, I am sure! Let’s hydrate! And don’t forget to use this model as a gift for someone, I’m sure they’ll love it. Use your imagination and customize your support
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