Sparrows Quilt Pattern

Hello my friends! How nice to be back and share with you another incredible pattern that I am sure you will love!
The pattern I bring today is called Sparrows Quilt, nothing more than a block pattern perfect for beginners and advanced.

This quilt has a sparrows design, but in geometric shapes, using square and triangular cutouts, and can also use various fabric scraps, since your cutouts require small pieces, so this is the time to use imagination and creativity.In its original version we can see delicate and flowery fabrics, I think it looks beautiful as a bedspread for girls’ rooms and even a set of tablecloths for a beautiful breakfast!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Sparrows Quilt Pattern

These models of geometric patterns have gained a lot of strength lately, because they have a more clean and sophisticated design, totally usual in various types of environments. People have preferred more minimalist patterns, which make environments more harmonious and modern. The bedspreads models of our grandmothers are adaptable today, because of course we don’t want to leave our origins aside, but we have to innovate.

We can also count on the final touch of the quilting, where there are countless possibilities, and I am sure that any of them will be welcome in this pattern. One of the versions I looked for used a horizontal free motion design that looks like the wind, but the important thing is to have fun doing it.

Remembering that this quilt is easily made on a home sewing machine, I believe that most of us here have one and use it to make our quilts, but of course those who have something larger will find it easier to quilt. Also, don’t forget your stash, we are against waste, so this is an excellent pattern to use up fabric and scraps stored in the back of the closet!

When I researched this pattern to share with you, I saw that the meaning of sparrow may not make much sense, since it is a small, beautiful and delicate bird. I see a sparrow as a cozy bird, ready to warm its young, perhaps because its body is chubby, it gives the impression of warmth. From its image, the quilt also becomes somewhat cozy and delicate.

Anyway, abuse your creativity when it comes to putting this beautiful pattern into practice, I’m sure it would also be a beautiful option for making a baby’s outfit! Create sparrows with printed fabrics and a raw background so that the drawings can stand out, I’m sure it will be beautiful! I certainly already have my ideas on how to make my quilt in my version!

Finally, I have to thank you for always following our shared patterns, we do it for love, just like the quilts! To those who visit for the first time, be very welcome, and to the beginners, we are always sharing quilts that are easy to learn, inclusive, I know that most of you here are beginning in this world of sewing, just like me one day, I needed a lot of support and inspiration from colleagues in this medium, but I’m sure that everyone here is evolving very well! Let us know in the comments what you think of the articles and if you like this sparrows one, I’m sure it will be a beautiful and fun quilt to make and will look great on any bed. Share it with your friends and family, we love to see you interacting and stay with us. Register on our site to receive the news first hand, many kisses and see you next time!

So, did you enjoy the article? Tell me if one of these patterns will be perfect for your pet, I loved them all!


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