Vintage Toddler Dress Crochet Pattern

The baby crochet models are so incredible that they deserve to be highlighted more often, because they are so well made and so well produced that words lack even to describe them, isn’t it? I confess that in the same style of the quilt posts that I have brought here for you, I want to do it in the crochet style, always bringing the best models from each category of crochet, there are only a few adjustments to share here.

Know that this is one of my most loved and favorite dresses, that’s why I decided to bring it in an exclusive post for it. The Vintage Toddler Dress Crochet is not just a beautiful crochet dress and it has very beautiful stitches that teach us a lot, it is a perfect model that can be used by the baby in any existing situation. Realize that it fits perfectly into any appointment you have on your agenda and can take your daughter who is simply beautiful and well dressed.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Vintage Toddler Dress Crochet Pattern

This is also for you who want some models of baby/toddler dresses to produce for sale. This is an ideal model and intermediate knowledge is needed to produce it. I emphasize that this model was also produced for children aged 24 months up to 3t, that is, if your goal is to produce for a larger child, this model will let you down, unless with your experience you can produce in size ideal for child who will use. Know that if it’s a lack of incentive, here’s mine encouraging you: go produce and don’t give up!

But after all, how does he manage to be so useful? I say this because for me this model is perfect for you to dress the child at a wedding even to go out for a day at the mall. This is nice to say because we have so many amazing models out there, but they end up restricting us when to wear because, let’s face it, some clothes are ideal for a specific occasion and are kept for months waiting for it to be used again. That’s exactly what the Vintage Toddler Dress is, the opposite. It manages to be perfect for everyday use, but for commemorative dates as well. At least for me, this is even more amazing.

Even because you don’t spend hours and even days producing a model to be used from time to time, just don’t you? At least when I get down to business to produce a model, my wish is that it is used a lot, that it is always available and that it fits perfectly into everyday life. I think this is the fun when we produce a model, either for us to wear or even to give someone to wear: let it be used. So you see, if your goal is to find a model that can fit to be used in everyday life, you’ve found it.

I also like the fact that this model still has a hat that goes perfectly for those summer days to walk in parks or beaches. When the sets are well made, it is even pleasurable to produce it. If your goal is to give a child this model, my tip is that if you manage to take their measurements before producing, the result will be even better. That’s because because they are children and they end up growing very quickly, the ideal is to always make them a little higher so that they can use them for a longer time. Apart from the fact that in the production of the hat, you can make it neither wide nor tight, for the child’s comfort when wearing it. Pay attention to this and your result will be perfect.

Here’s another amazing crochet model for you, I hope you’re enjoying the content I have here and that you can spread the Patterns Here to your friends and family who love crochet, quilt and knitting. Around here you already know that my goal is to make you feel at ease around here, being really like part of your home. It’s a privilege to have you here and if it’s your first time, come back more often! I will love to have you here again. So that’s it, good luck on this production. Xoxo!


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