Sunshine and Marmalade Crochet Pattern

The best crochet styles for me are blankets and dresses, I confess. At least these are the styles that I most identify with and like to produce, of course it’s all very particular, but it’s something I really love to bring here. If you’re already a frequent visitor to Patterns Here, you might have noticed.

That said, today I want to follow the tradition and bring you a crochet dress. It’s a very beautiful model and I really loved it. I’m suspicious to say, I know, but I’m sure Sunshine and Marmalade will make you want to produce on the spot and want to get the result in hand as quickly as possible. I loved this model and really needed to share it here with you!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Sunshine and Marmalade Crochet Pattern

One of the points I want to make clear before describing more about the model is that this model, at least at the level of knowledge, is necessary to have an intermediate knowledge. Of course this depends a lot on what is considered intermediate for each one, but in general, we know what intermediate knowledge is. And I wanted to make it clear, because despite being a simple model visually speaking, it is a model that will require from you and me a certain knowledge.

We can even discuss whether all models demand something from us, and yes, I agree, but some demand a little more than others, right? My tip for you if you are just starting out in this world of crochet is to read a lot about crochet, see a lot of beginner videos with step by step instructions, the meaning of each abbreviation, what they are and how to do it because the language of crochet it is very important to know and know. Note that what I’m talking about is not just for beginners, but for everyone who already lives in crochet. It’s impossible for someone to know everything and know everything, we are always learning more and more with the patterns spread across the internet and magazines that we follow so much, isn’t it?

Doing this will certainly increase not only your technical knowledge, but in practice as well, and will make it much easier to produce any model and of any level. I always like to say that if you want to make a model in the right way, the right thing is to start by reading the entire pattern or watching the video first. That’s because when you read everything or watch it, you prepare yourself and know where to go when you reach a certain level in the model you are producing. Besides, with this you can produce without any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Another point that I like to highlight for you is that if you are going to produce Sunshine and Marmalade as a gift for someone, it is very valid for you to take the measurements to make and leave it ideal on the baby’s body. Of course babies grow up quickly and lose their clothes very easily, but do a little more. Remember to use quality lines so that you don’t irritate the skin you’re going to have contact with, this is not only exclusive for babies, but for all the dress models you will produce. Pay attention to this, it is a valuable tip not to cause any embarrassment. It is also worth remembering that the colors need to be well chosen.

Obviously this model has this name even because of the amazing colors it was produced, but feel free to produce the model in the color you prefer. Be creative, let boldness take care of you and I’m sure you will be very pleased with the final model. Remember not to give up, especially if you are starting out in this crochet universe. At first nothing is easy, but as time goes by, things start to get simpler and more natural. So stay focused and believe in yourself, because I believe in you! Remember, when producing a model and not just this one, be focused. Pay close attention that for sure you will have a faster and very beautiful final model. This is my tip for you today and I hope you like it.

If this is your first time here at Patterns Here, be very welcome and I really hope you come back more often. But don’t go back alone, help me by promoting and sharing the site. This motivates me a lot to continue and share with you more and more models around here. So that’s it for today guys, have fun, enjoy and much more! Xoxo!


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