Rainbow Drops Quilt Pattern

If you’re here for the first time, you know very well that it’s not new to find the most varied of quilt models, right? However, I really like the colored models a lot and I don’t hide that. I’m a number one fan of these models that know how to combine colors well because I love them so much when they are well worked!

What I really like is that these models manage to convey something very unique and exclusive, which I personally can’t feel in other models that are not in such strong and vivid colors, of course with that I want to know your opinion about it, and that’s why I’ve separated the Rainbow Drops quilt today to share with you, I hope you really enjoy our unfolding in this post. Are you prepared?

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Rainbow Drops Quilt Pattern

I don’t know if you have the same vision as me, but particularly speaking, the models that have very vivid colors similar to this one, remind me and send me at the time a moment of great joy, realize that it’s very difficult for you to catch colorful moments and not bring life and joy. It is natural that when we look at models like that, movies that convey this, cartoons, when they want to convey a very happy and joyful moment, colors are part of it at the time because they have exactly this power, is it like that for you? I ask because it is really my feeling to find these models!

And I don’t know if you know, but this is not something we choose, it’s something completely natural that happens to us, you’ve probably already seen or read that colors really have a power to bring feelings and emotions to us in a very particular way. . According to some studies, the psychology of colors points to the way our brain reacts and behaves in face of information that we capture visually. Precisely for this reason that brands and logos use, and very well, these techniques and this information. Because they know that by doing this they will mess with you and me, that is, it’s all very intentional, isn’t it amazing?

To get an idea of ​​how powerful this is, there is even a phrase that says if a good color sells, the right color will sell better. And of course if you have an idea like mine when you saw this you thought that everyone has a taste for color and probably right here in this post we can find and discuss over and over again about which color you like best and even the twins they’re going to have different tastes on the face of it, but what I understand about it all after thinking about it for a while is that in the end, the colors will influence everyone. And they have the power to influence, to stir emotions and even to influence our decisions.

Maybe that’s why I like these colorful models so much. I notice that happier people always look to wear more colorful clothes or something that intentionally draws attention, because that’s what’s inside their heart and their emotion at that moment. Now if you are going through a sad moment, it is natural that we will always look for those darker colors to wear. Has this ever happened to you? Because with me it always happens and it’s completely involuntary. I’m saying all this just so that you understand how important it is for us to choose the colors of our models well, they have a power to attract or avoid people.

Colorful models like Rainbow Drops have an incredible power to attract our eyes, not only for the colors, but for all the details involved, from the seams, to each fabric cut. It’s really beautiful, amazing and perfect and I loved this model. I really hope that everything I mentioned in this post serves to inspire you, open your eyes to the next models you are going to produce. Remember that you are capable and amazing, and I am sure that you will increasingly be producing incredible perfect models. Patterns Here was created precisely with the aim of inspiring you and making you reach bigger and bigger goals, producing great models and sharing joys and dreams. Thank you for being here and believing in what I’m doing. I hope you have fun and enjoy this pattern, so that’s it for today guys. Good luck in production and see you next time, xoxo!


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