Star Flower Quilt Pattern

Hello friends from Patterns Here, how are you? I hope you do well and I see that you have been enjoying the patterns shared here a lot, I’m very happy with that because I see that all the effort and dedication is paying off. And nothing better than bringing another amazing quilt model for you guys, which I’m sure you’ll love and have a lot of fun producing. Are you ready?

The Star Flower Quilt is one of those amazing patterns that surprises everyone, I particularly loved the colors and shapes that are exactly what made this pattern so unique and different. It’s also worth saying that it’s not one of those new patterns with the current release, but it’s a pattern that never goes out of style being always very modern and very elegant. Of course, I who absolutely like stars end up having a greater affection for models like this, but even those who don’t care much end up liking them. Even because he is in fact incredible.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Star Flower Quilt Pattern

There are several highlights in this pattern, so I’ll punctuate a few for you to understand. The first is that the finished model Star Flower Quilt Block 14.5″x14.5″ has this size. Of course you’ve probably noticed that we’re talking about the quilt block model, but I like to make this clear precisely to understand how it’s worth producing those block patterns because their merging later ends up bringing the final result as you see in the images that I shared in this post. Right here there’s even a post where I share some quilt blocks that will help you and inspire you a lot, I believe that if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth seeing the models. One more beautiful than the others, by the way.

And the highlight for these block patterns is precisely the fact that with it you have complete freedom to produce a model the way you want, which is exactly what happened with the Star Flower Quilt, when learning to develop the shape and the pattern in block style, the idea came to produce and develop the final model. There are several cut triangles and each one with a different fabric style and different colors, that’s what gives this pattern a wonderful highlight and what makes it so special. But don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s just a few well-cut triangles that it’s easy, if you don’t have attention and focus on the cuts and sewing time, the chances of going wrong are huge. That’s why focus and a lot of attention.

When choosing the colors and fabrics too, choose a fabric that will give a nice tone to the pattern, making it get a special touch. In addition to colors that are in harmony with each other. Of course, the colors are very personal use, but it’s worth your attention. It makes all the difference in the completed pattern. The Star Flower got its name from being basically star models with flower fabrics, hence the name. But you can feel free to develop whatever you want, Star Animals, Star Beach, finally, there are countless ideas and models that you can do and have fun.

So that’s it for today folks, we hope you enjoyed that you enjoyed it and that you like Patterns Here if it’s your first time here. I am very happy to have so many visitors and so many people here, thank you again. Without you none of this would make sense. Until next time, enjoy this pattern and have fun in the production. Xoxo!


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