Candyfloss Daydreams Crochet Pattern

The crochet models are amazing and I really love to share with you, it’s amazing how they manage to win and conquer me. Especially when I find a model like today, and then I need and make a point of bringing it here on Patterns Here. You will have fun, fall in love and you will definitely be enchanted with this incredible model. I hope you’re prepared, let’s go?

Today’s pattern is Candyfloss Daydreams, you’ll find it perfect and charming. Honestly, it’s something very different from what you’re used to, that’s for sure. Also because it was made in a special way, making it an elegant, beautiful and stylish pattern. It’s perfect for you to decorate any room, use a blanket, use a cover for the sofa, it’s perfect for you to even use it as a rug, you’ll notice that it fits perfectly with any situation because it’s simply incredible.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Candyfloss Daydreams Crochet Pattern

There are several highlights in this pattern that caught my attention and the first thing is the fact that it is made with many different sizes of squares. That’s right, it doesn’t follow a pattern where we make the squares all the same and then merge them. It is different and special precisely because it is produced in a different way. With random sizes and different styles, it ends up causing this incredible effect and giving a very special touch that only a pattern like this deserves. In addition to different sizes, it is made up of different colors. Drawing even more attention, isn’t it? At least when I saw and started noticing the details, I started noticing several incredible points.

Another point that is worth mentioning is that the edge is made lightly, precisely to not draw so much attention and to be a simple and well-made finish. Which shows that the intention is indeed to draw attention and attract everyone’s eyes to the main thing, which are the squares. I confess that I liked it, I liked this balance found by Catherine Bigh who was the developer of this pattern. This shows that balance remains the most amazing thing about a well-constructed pattern, making Candyfloss Daydreams even more special. As I said above, sizes aren’t made equal and identical, but that doesn’t mean it’s messy either.

For example, if your 3” square is closer to 3.5”, then your 6” squares must be 7”, etc so that all four square sizes will fit together. If your squares are bigger, you’ll also need to allow for more yarn to complete the project. I think this is clear for you to understand what I mean and another point I loved was Cat’s humility in sharing the pattern, even asking for forgiveness for some mistakes that may exist in the step by step. Isn’t it just amazing? I loved that attitude of hers. Which shows you that you are venturing into the production of this pattern, that you can also make mistakes! So don’t get discouraged and go for it!

That’s it for today folks, I hope you enjoyed this pattern as much as I did. I confess that I loved the model and even the results of those who have already ventured to produce it. I brought it precisely to inspire you to choose your colors and give your Candyfloss Daydreams your identity, ok? Then that’s it. See you next time, share Patterns Here, it helps me a lot and even more. Xoxo!


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