Royal Touch Blanket Crochet Pattern

Hello crochet friends, Patterns Here friends, how are you? Hope you’re good and excited about another amazing pattern that I’ll share with you today. I confess that this is one of those unlike anything you’ve ever seen and that it will surprise you a lot, I have no doubts. I’m sure this model will be very useful for you, besides being extremely beautiful, it will help you in whatever you want and look for. After all, that’s what I’m always looking for when sharing patterns with you here.

The Royal Touch Blanket is an incredible blanket that will definitely give a special touch to the environment, as it can be made in different ways, in addition to being well produced and well prepared. I always recommend that before starting a project you read the entire pattern, follow it step by step, see what items are needed to reach the result, make sure you really have everything you need to start production, so yes, decide if you want produce or not. Also because time is so precious that we cannot waste it. Even more so if you are one of those people who actually make a living selling their crochet patterns.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Royal Touch Blanket Crochet Pattern

I realized that the time of those who produce to sell ends up being even more precious and that’s why it’s worth not spending on something that doesn’t pay off. Please understand that I say this because it is very important and special for me to be able to see that today we have the opportunity to see various end results of the model we are thinking of producing, it is much easier for us to decide whether or not to invest our time in this project . We have so many resources available that we don’t realize the importance of evaluating each one of them and using them to our advantage. I say this because I see that many people don’t know how to take advantage of resources, unfortunately. That’s why I like to give you some tips that I use every day that can make all the difference for you.

Even if your case is one of those who do not sell, but produce as a hobby, which I know are the vast majority of those who visit Patterns Here, your time is also precious and you will definitely want to invest in something that helps you. gives an amazing end result, doesn’t it? So the Royal Touch Blanket is certainly one of those models in which it is worth investing and dedicating time, as well as being perfect to give to your friend who has a newborn child, even to a dear family member who wants him to remember everything . the times you go to bed. Of course, this in my opinion is one of the most special things anyone can give: a handcrafted gift where time and a lot of effort has gone into it.

In fact, nothing is more amazing than that. That’s why you won’t regret producing it. Roy Touch has some peculiarities, but overall it ends up being very similar to the models in general in terms of acronyms, shapes and step by step. To be:

magic ring (circle)
dot dot
sl st – slip stitch
sp – space
ch – current
sc – low point
dc – double crochet
bpdc – double crochet back stitch
bpslst – post-sliding posterior point
Starting ch2 and ch3 count as st.

You can use the Royal Touch pattern to make an item any size you like. Sample sizes you will find below.

Royal Touch pattern samples were created using the following yarns and hooks:

One Solid Color – Super Baby (Iceyarns) – Thin Weight / Fingering / Sport / Baby. Hook size 4 mm. 15 turns = 10.5 in. (26.5 cm) square.

Multicolored – Angora Print (Iceyarns) – Thin Weight / Fingering / Sport / Baby. Hook size 3 mm. Note that I had to control the color change. 15 turns = 8.3 in. (21 cm) square.

Gradient – Fine Cotton Cakes (Iceyarns) – fine weight / fingering / sport / baby. Hook size 3 mm. 33 turns = 14.8 in. (37.5 cm) square.

Hope you really like this model as much as I do. I believe it will help you a lot in the production and I’m sure you will have fun! If it’s your first time here at Patterns Here, welcome, enjoy every pattern we have here and I’m sure you’ll love each one I separate and bring with so much love and care. So that’s it guys, see you next time and see you next time. Xoxo!


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