The Best Quilt Blanket Part TWO

After some time and no celebrities better late than never, we decided to part ways in the second part of The Bests Quilt Blankets part two. And obviously second models start to be in many models that will inspire you, as well as these two other models that will be so famous and that are even more special in many designers who are not so well known which make it even more special in many other designers that are not so well known which make them even more special. So, I hope you’re ready for this adventure with amazing patterns and have a lot of fun, shall we?

Being very honest with you, I didn’t know this incredible pattern and I confess that it surprised me. This work is so beautiful that it surprises with such beauty, full of details and still having a special touch in the colors used.

Flea Market Flowers Quilt

If you are a flower lover, this ocm is certainly one of the models that will inspire you the most and you will not regret it if you decide to reproduce it. Honestly, few flower models can be as beautiful as this one so you’re sure to be in good hands with it. So if that’s your choice, make the most of it, it’s clearly completely free!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Flea Market Flowers Quilt

Diamond Pavers Quilt

The Diamond Pavers Quilt is one of those models that even though I don’t like the final result so much because of the choice of colors and fabrics, it’s a format that I found sensational. It offers you infinite possibilities, which is essential for anyone who wants to produce a model that will work for different occasions. In my view, he achieves exactly that, offering and providing incredible works. I’m sure you’ll have fun here choosing to produce it. So that’s it, make the most of it, you won’t regret it!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Diamond Pavers Quilt

Confetti Star Quilt

One of my favorite models, he is charming, elegant, has an incredible shape and everything in the right measure. Of course, speaking all this in a very particular way, I still believe that it is one of those models that everyone who is willing to produce it will be extremely satisfied. That’s because he manages to combine printed fabrics well, he manages to combine neutral colors, stronger colors and all that without losing the charm. There are few models I know that have these qualities in this way, I’m sure you will have fun above all in this production, in addition to having an incredible job in your portfolio!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Confetti Star Quilt

Personalized Rag Quilt

The rag format is certainly one of the most popular in quilt history and it certainly has its own special charm. This is the Personalized Rug Quilt and it has a special charm, but the idea is basically the same as Rag and that’s why it bears that name. I liked this model because it managed to unite a popular style and still leave the identity of the author Krysta, which is particularly highly valued. I hope that this model inspires you to produce an incredible model, a model with your identity and even if the idea here is always to share patterns, more than that the idea is to inspire you to produce your model, with your way and your face . I hope you enjoy it a lot, enjoy and comment what you think of each one of them!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Personalized Rag Quilt

If you liked part two, comment below so that we can prepare part three for you, and let us know if you like more posts like this or exclusive to the pattern, we will be happy to hear from you. Don’t forget to share it with your quilt-loving friends and family like us, it helps us a lot and makes all the difference to our work. So that’s it for today folks, until next time! Xoxo!

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