Road Runner Quilt Pattern

There are some quilt models that delight us and call our attention in a special way, isn’t it? At least that’s what I believe when I look at models like this. To get an idea of ​​how incredible it is, I invite you now to prepare, get excited and come along with me in this incredible production, right? So are you prepared? Come on, I’m sure you’ll have fun!

The Road Runner Quilt is a simply incredible and impeccable model for me, so perfect that it will definitely be perfect for decorating a bedroom, for decorating a normal boy’s room. Of course that’s not a sure thing, but it’s usually what people use with a model like this. I’m happy to be sharing with you something so amazing and innovative, for sure you haven’t seen anything like it and the best thing is that the entire production is well explained with a beautiful pattern completely free of charge.

Pattern/Image-Tutorial – Road Runner Quilt Pattern

The step by step is well done, has many details, but with a lot of attention, focus and passion it is completely possible to develop and produce this model. Some highlights are worth mentioning such as the fabrics used, the stitches made, the way it was developed step by step and all of this added up is really what turned it into something so unique and special. I confess that it brought me the memory of that Camping Kids Quilt model, I don’t know if it’s known to everyone, but right here on Patterns Here I’ve already shared it and you can access it easily.

I like some important details in this pattern, one of them is the fact that I made the carts in such an incredible way, with well-made colors and I really thought it was sensational. The chosen fabrics were very well made and this gave an even more special touch to the model. Another detail that I loved was the way everything was sewn together, it’s just perfect and just unbelievable. Note that some models end up standing out, often not because of the shape or anything like that, but often because of the way it was sewn. The finish is even better, because on the edges you can see that there was a lot of care to sew a fabric and with that make things even more incredible.

The cone, the lighthouse is all so wonderful that it gives even more perfect details. When I found this model I had no doubts that I should bring it and share it with you, really. It’s something completely innovative and exclusive, that’s why I’m happy to bring it to Patterns Here. I love the idea of ​​all this and it’s precisely one of the reasons that made me develop the site, share news and inspire you to create new quilt models. I hope you have fun and understand this, you can still help by sharing the site with your quilt friends, it helps a lot!

The Road Runner Quilt when Finished Dimension: approximately 62″ x 84″ (to suit Super Single Bed). If you want a quilt for a single bed, the quilt size is 56″ x 86″ and the center part include the inner boxed border is 36″ wide. Adjust the appliques and the rest of the component accordingly either by resizing them or omitting some of them. I hope you have fun producing this model and can enjoy this production process. Until the next guys, I hope you like it and I’ll see you later. Xoxo!


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