French Braid Quilt Pattern

You must have already noticed that around here I am in love with all cultures, right? And yes I am. But the truth is that all cultures have many things to teach us, in our case here the subject is quilt, crochet and even knitting, naturally we really need to be open to new cultures to learn amazing models that each culture teaches us.

And yes, I know that not all models that have names from other countries mean that the other country produced them, but one thing is certain about this, at least they were inspired by being who they are. As is the case here of the French Braid Quilt, which is a model inspired by the famous French braids that women wear and love so much. And that’s something I love about crafts, art in general.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – French Braid Quilt Pattern

Artists have a natural and incredible talent to take any situation, any style, any object, in short, no matter what, and transform it into inspiration to produce. Is not it? Note that this is exactly what I have been trying to do around here at Patterns Here when I bring new models weekly. I really try to make models inspire you and maybe you can look at a model and find what you were looking for as inspiration. That’s what I look forward to when I bring you new styles.

But of course I believe faithfully and at least with me it’s like that, it totally depends on moments of inspiration and days when we seem to be more enlightened for that. That’s what I feel when I’m looking to produce a model, when I’m trying to find inspiration. Normally, when I least expect it, I’m surfing the internet, watching TV or even walking down the street, I realize that an inspiration comes from seeing an object, seeing a situation, seeing something natural in everyday life and thus producing something new.

The fact that I can bring new models to you, that collaborates a lot so that I can also find reasons and inspiration to produce my styles. So when you find a site similar to Patterns Here and start searching and seeing what it has content, the tendency for you to find a model that inspires you is huge and with that make you finally able to produce something. That’s why I strongly recommend that you visit our categories above to find a model, an inspiration to be able to produce your model.

But after all, what about the French Braid Quilt, what do I have to say about it? The truth is that it’s an incredible model, it’s a model that served a lot to inspire me and believe me, I thought it was a much easier model than it looks. This will surprise you a lot. So if you are thinking that this is a model where it is necessary to have a greater knowledge of quilts, sewing and the like, know that this is not quite the case, quite the opposite. It is a model that, being produced with a lot of attention and focus, will be produced very quickly and on top of that, it will bring you incredible knowledge.

Another point I loved is the fact of the possibility of color variations and even fabrics that it allows. See that with a model like this you can use the color you want and even the fabric, making you able to produce something incredible and that is exactly your face. I say this because many models are very fixed and it requires us to follow the step by step and even the colors and fabrics. I also highlight the fact that it is inspired by a hair braid as I pointed out above, if the French girl inspired like that, imagine if you have any other style of braids that you can do and with that find a beautiful model to inspire you?

But that’s it, the French Braid Quilt will surprise you and the pattern is actually much simpler than you might think. I hope you have fun producing it or at least it served to inspire you to achieve a result you’ve been waiting for, if something like that helps you, it’s already been worth investing time producing the content here, researching new models. So here’s another amazing model that Patterns Here has and I hope you like it. To the next! Xoxo!


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