Roly Poly Teddy Bear Baby Quilt Pattern

I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned it to you, but I have a two-year-old niece and she’s a real character. She has really been getting smarter, smarter and getting more beautiful every day. Obviously that wasn’t just what increased, but my drooling over her as well. After all, who can stand not surrendering to his niece, right?

So spoken to you, I must say that when looking at this model, it naturally reminded me of her. Believe it or not, but she would really love this model and would be very happy to have this model in almost hers. I don’t know if you can understand me or if you’ve been through this at some point in your life, but you see, the fact that we have a child in our life completely changes the way we look at them, doesn’t it? At least with me it was and has been well.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Roly Poly Teddy Bear Baby Quilt Pattern

I haven’t had the privilege of being a mother yet and it’s okay, I believe the time will come for everything, but the Roly Poly Teddy Bear Quilt is one of those models that keep your heart warm for when the day comes, you even know it well. who will produce and prepare. I simply fell in love with this model and I confess that it is one of those models that really win and win our heart, so for all the reasons I mentioned above and for this reason, I decided to bring it and share it with you. Are you prepared?

There is something I need to start by saying, I was looking for information on how teddy bears came about and why this object became so prominent in our lives from childhood to those early dating moments. Because if we stop to think, isn’t it at least curious for an object to mark so much? The origin of the name dates back to a hunt carried out by the former president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. When faced with an injured and cornered bear, “Teddy” (the president’s nickname) refuses to kill him. The newspapers then published cartoons of Teddy’s bear, which would later inspire Morris Michtom, owner of a candy store, to create this famous children’s toy.

When launching his idea Michtom placed his creation (the Teddy Teddy Bear) next to the cartoon that starred in newspapers across the country at the time with former President Roosevelt refusing to kill the bear cub, the success was so great that Michtom eventually closed his candy store and founded the Toy Company, one of the world’s largest toy companies. The Teddy Bear Museum is located in Petersfield, Hampshire, England. It was founded in 1984. I confess that I didn’t know about this unusual story, did you? I was very surprised and impressed how such a simple fact, if we can put it that way, a person has a brilliant idea and changes his life forever.

This makes me see that opportunities are popping up all the time, it is knocking many times on our doors, but because it is unusual at times, we can’t look outside the box to find an opportunity there. When we are with a model like this, we then need to find an opportunity to produce an amazing model that can change the life of a child or a parent who will love this model. At least that’s what I always put in my mind and heart when I get down to business to produce a model. I say this and share it with you to inspire you, these stories should inspire us in the production.

Understand that this is one of the points that must move me and you in the production of a model, the opportunity to do something unique and incredible must be something that motivates us daily to live and enjoy this universe of quilt that we love so much. A curious fact that really draws attention in this model is that it was inspired by a book that Gray Barn read, isn’t it amazing? Something from her daily life inspired her to make and produce this amazing model that I’m sure will make you have a lot of fun and be able even more than that, enjoy this amazing art we have!

So that’s it for today folks, I hope you enjoyed the model, took advantage of the curious facts and the stories I shared to produce and reproduce this incredible model and pattern. Enjoy and have a lot of fun producing this pattern, also share with your friends and family who love crochet, quilt and knitting the Patterns Here, I’m sure they found something they identify with here. See you next time, xoxo!


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