Battenberg Blanket Crochet Pattern

How good it is to always find models on the internet that take our breath away, isn’t it? Mainly in a good way, of course. What I mean is that today I actually found one of those models, that made me hold my breath and just whisper a glorious “WOW” on my breath.

I love crochet quilt patterns and I believe you’ve already noticed, after all, I’m really excited to share one more pattern with you. And with that it seems that every time I say the same thing for the patterns that I’m bringing here, but let’s face it, aren’t they just amazing? You can even know more by going to the categories above right here on Patterns Here and you will see that we have one model more beautiful than the other. It’s perfect.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Battenberg Blanket Crochet Pattern

What makes Battenberg Blanket even more amazing is precisely the fact that in the midst of a lot of beautiful models, he manages to stand out. At least that’s my feeling. Being very honest with you guys. It’s one of those models that if I were to choose between one, he would definitely win. He is beautiful, perfect and incredible. Besides being very comfortable and elegant. It’s one of those patterns that is perfect, exactly. They very well unite the three pillars that I talk to you so much about: beauty, usefulness and practicality.

This is really very important to highlight and deserves to be highlighted. It’s not just and it’s not just a beautiful model that will decorate your room or make your picnic more beautiful, no, it’s a useful model, which in addition to bringing a lot of elegance to the environment will also be useful in yours day by day to keep you warm, to decorate your bed or even to accompany you on those picnic days in the park. I think it’s really important when models can pull together just that. After all, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to invest my precious time in a model that in the end won’t add anything to me like that.

I know that the main objective and what made me create Patterns Here was precisely the fact of having a virtual library of several models, several categories with the main objective of making your life easier, but also inspiring you. This is very important to me. And I know this is one of those models that will really inspire you. But as I’ve been saying, it’s no use just having a model that will inspire you with some idea, if what you’re going to invest your time in doesn’t allow it to be useful at some point in your life. I hope you understand what I mean, but the most precious thing you have is your time and it doesn’t go back. So you need to choose well what you have concentrated and invested in. It makes sense?

Now look, this model is perfect the way the pattern is, I know it well. But let your creativity take over, what do you think? Sometimes your model will be exactly what will inspire others, so be creative. Change the colors, the shape, maybe change the size, I don’t know, think of something, let your creativity take over and show what’s inside of you. This I say because sometimes we get so caught up in the patterns that in the end we become just reproducers of the models, but we rarely create and let creativity take over so that we can produce our own patterns with our identity. I hope what I’m saying here makes sense.

So that’s it guys, I sincerely hope you’re enjoying Patterns Here and Battenberg Blanket, this was another crochet pattern I decided to share with you and I’m absolutely sure you’ll have fun producing it. Remember: let your creativity take over, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Enjoy the model a lot, share the Patterns Here with your friends, it helps me a lot and see you next time. See you soon, xoxo!


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