Summer Breeze Quilt Pattern

Some patterns that I’ve made available here have several stories behind them and what I’m going to share with you today, there’s a nice story that I experienced to be able to share with you here. I always search on the internet for several patterns that are available for quilts to share here, the ones I believe you will like the most and this one I found in such a natural way that it is something so difficult to happen because it usually takes me a while to find something that I really believe it’s worth it. So I hope you guys really like this amazing quilt pattern, so this is it! Let’s go?

The Summer Breeze Quilt is a very amazing model, it has a very beautiful shape and different techniques that will help you and collaborate a lot for you to learn and develop with new techniques, new styles and the main one with a lot of inspiration. To get an idea of ​​the plethora of ideas that this model has, it is totally possible to be producing this model in different colors and for different occasions, so it is worth investing and dedicating time in this pattern that will surely surprise you in the final result.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Summer Breeze Quilt Pattern

One of the highlights of this pattern is for sure the fact that the tutorial or step by step, as you want to call it, completely free and the best, exists both in pdf and video. That’s why I was surprised with the quality of this model, of course here we are talking about Jordan Fabrics which is probably one of the greatest if not the greatest quilt designer that has shared in recent years gaining much prominence and among us, more than deserved. To get an idea there are countless models that you’ve probably bumped into or even produced that she was the one who shared the pattern and here’s my thanks and highlight to this amazing woman who can represent the meaning of this very well.

Another point I like is that, being a very popular model here, I can share more than one pattern to inspire and surprise you. Both in colors and also some models that were changed in very few things just to show who was producing, this is just perfect because it completely goes with what I believe here when I share the patterns with you here on Patterns Here. When I say that I want more than anything to inspire you to produce amazing models and models with your identity, that’s exactly what I do. Of course, reproducing something already created, it’s really okay and in some models it’s really the best thing to do, but there are many that you should put your identity on. After all, you are the current designer.

This pattern shows me the importance of having a good fabric chosen with good colors and the seams in harmony. It makes a total difference in the models, so it is worth highlighting. Try to find fabrics that will totally harmonize with the colors you want to be producing. Take the time to do some tests, it’s very worthwhile, it will help you to get to know new possibilities and new styles. Remember to be bold and be creative, you are more than capable of producing something amazing and even more than the Summer Breeze Quilt.

So that’s it guys, I hope you have captured the message I’m trying to convey, use your creativity, feel inspired by this amazing pattern and share Patterns Here with your friends and family who love quilts, I’m sure they will be surprised by the models that exist around here. I hope you enjoyed everything around here, come back often and until next time! See you, xoxo!


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