Spiral Bargello Quilt Pattern

There’s a song by Coldplay that’s my favorite band that says he’s able to fix a person, after all, what’s always able to fix me is being able to be here sharing new patterns with you quilt lovers like me . This makes me so good that I lack words and I am really grateful to have you who visit Patterns Here daily looking for news and always looking for something amazing. So here is my eternal gratitude to you who come, are interested in everything I have shared and enjoy the patterns a lot.

And speaking of sharing, today I decided to innovate and bring a model that will cause a lot of controversy maybe among people but that I really loved. I need to say this. The Spiral Bargello Quilt is a new model for me, which I actually found looking for a flower pattern, but I ended up coming across it and I was enchanted. I know it’s something completely new for me and I was extremely happy to have found it just to have the opportunity to share it here. So much so that it even brought other inspirations that are based on this same style that will surely help you in creating and even producing an incredible pattern.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Spiral Bargello Quilt Pattern

I know this model can be controversial in the sense that because it is very eccentric it turns out to be a pattern that few really like and enjoy and I explain. Believe it or not, but it ends up having a lot of controversy because it is a spiral and this is not very well seen by many in our community who end up liking better produced models. Of course this is something that we can say is unanimous in all models because there are several that we can have millions of people who love, but at the same time millions who hate. But when I find models that have a better resolved style and that really show what they came for, they end up having a greater resistance for being different.

This does not mean that it loses its value, never, I say even more, when I looked for models similar to this one to be bringing and sharing here I came across countless patterns that were well sold for values ​​that would really surprise everyone and if it stays in doubt, I invite you to do a quick search on the internet. But because it is a very specific model it ends up being often restricted to a clear audience of people. Which is extremely normal, and that’s why I decided to share it here. To show that here in Patterns Here, models like the Spiral Bargello Quilt that perhaps are not unanimous also have space showing exactly what they came from: inspire and really motivate you.

I’m so in love with the quilt models that I share here that even those who previously maybe I didn’t have so much appreciation for and didn’t like so much now have a special space in my heart that I even get jealous of sometimes. If you visit Patterns Here longer you will see that in the quilt patterns I brought, I really brought all the styles and models possible to just bring the maximum number of models and styles pleasing to everyone. Or at least trying. This model is sure if you give it a chance you will be surprised at the time of production, so I invite you to really dedicate yourself and invest time in making it.

To get an idea of ​​how special this pattern is, I decided to bring the step by step both in video and in pdf, to please everyone. So, following with attention and with a lot of focus, I’m sure these incredible examples that I brought during the post, will be your result, and if not better. So I wish you all the luck and all the patience in the world, as well as being willing to be producing the Spiral Bargello quilt. If you’ve been enjoying Patterns Here you can invite your friends and family to be visiting our website, of course those love crochet, quilting and knitting. This helps me a lot! So for today it’s just guys, I hope you like it and see you next time. Xoxo!



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