Shimmer Quilt

Hello guys! How are you? I hope well! I’m a little missing here but I confess that I have prepared news for you. Some family problems happened and that’s why I couldn’t be so active here on the site, but I’ve been reading all the comments you’ve left, it’s really great to read that you’ve liked it and to see the standards proposals you want to see here, I promise that now I will be much more active and bring many more materials to inspire you!

As an artisan, I can’t stay away either, I love what I do and I love sewing quilts even more, it’s my passion, so when I write here, I’m opening myself up to you! Today I brought an amazing quilt model that I’m sure you will love, it’s a little new model and that’s grooving in the networks, it’s the Shimmer Quilt! And the name says it all, a brilliant quilt for you to dare to do!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Shimmer Quilt

This quilt promises to be innovative and very easy to learn, so beginners, pay attention it’s time to shine! (get the pun?) We cannot ignore its all-geometric format, which plays with different shapes, some details will need more attention. I love geometric shapes and I think they never go out of style, and when it comes to cutting fabrics, I also find it easier. But the fun of business is also daring to do it, I know everyone loves a new challenge.

When I researched this model, I saw the boldness in the colors. It’s all very colorful, and I particularly love it! Still the creator said that it was a re-creation of a model, called WallFlower. So my tip is, when you start making this quilt, choose vibrant and colorful colors, so that all the pieces of fabric stand out in the design. I confess that I already want to make a beautiful and very large quilt, I need a new one!

Researching I also discovered that the design is inspired by the walls of a castle, formed by pieces of English paper. Its main shape, being hexagonal, reminds me of a more medieval style, and I love it, because it brings a lot of history behind the quilt. My opinion about this model is that it sends me a lot of light, associating itself with the name itself. That’s because the shape also reminds me of the sun. I like to make quilts with a beautiful meaning, which will make sense every time I look at it, after all, for us artisans, it is very gratifying to finish something and see how much the process and the meaning were worth.

So, are you ready to start this new project? Reviews about this quilt are very positive, everyone who has made it said that it was very easy and fun to make, after all, what matters is the fun in the process. I already want to choose different fabrics, solid and printed, with very vibrant colors, because I want a lot of harmony in my room, I think this pattern is perfect for that!

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family, I want to know if you liked it and I also want to see your project, I’m dying to see several inspirations, because I know you are very creative. Leave a lot of comments, I love to see what you write. I promise that I will bring several other models that are going viral and that I’m sure you will love! So happy to have shared this quilt with you, see you soon with more news, God bless you and see you later!


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