Sawtooth Star Afghan Crochet Pattern

I confess to you that this model is quite different from what I’m used to bringing here at Patterns Here, and not that it’s bad, quite the contrary, I love the fact that we have something completely different and I have the objective of bringing for you always innovative models that will help and inspire you. That’s why I’m excited for today’s model. Are you prepared?

Today’s model is the Sawtooth Star Afghan Crochet and it is really, really beautiful. Very different from what we are used to, it comes with news and it is inspiring. Do you know what is most amazing about this model? It’s very similar to what I believe here on Patterns Here, it was inspired by a quilt pattern, believe it or not. So why is it important that you always be open-minded and look at all the models and even those that you might not identify with, but value and be inspired by? That’s what I mean when I talk about how models inspire them.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Sawtooth Star Afghan Crochet Pattern

Of course it enters the same point that we punctuated here about choosing and being inspired by the colors you want, I confess that I liked it because it went a little out of the conventional. A model with an all black base that is colored in a nice way to see, working with the contrast of pink and even red. Doesn’t it look amazing? This is a nice point for you to pay attention and analyze, getting inspired by the colors and the contrast between them. I really value these models because it makes a difference even in our daily lives. Because we start looking at everything we see with keen eyes to get inspired and produce the model in a different and very particular way.

The Sawtooth Star Afghan has the shape size Finished Size: 50″ wide x 60″ long and furthermore the skill to produce it is rated as intermediate. The materials used in this pattern were • Red Heart Super Saver medium (worsted) weight acrylic yarn (7 oz/364 yds/198g per
4 skeins #312 black (MC)
1 skein each #373 petal pink, #706 perfect pink, #3975 tourmaline, #774 light
raspberry, #705 grenadine, #319 cherry red, #376 burgundy and #378 claret
Each square uses approximately 22 g of CC and 25 g of MC
• J/10/6mm crochet hook or size needed for gauge, of course this shouldn’t be used in a concrete way without at least thinking about what you want to do differently, but it’s worth checking how important it is to have a north as to how to proceed in producing a pattern. What is worth saying is that if you are open-minded and focused, the certainty of resulting in an incredible pattern is immense.

I hope you really like this pattern, because I particularly loved it. I’m sure that if you’re focused and with attention, you’ll achieve the expected result and I’m happy to be here sharing it with you on Patterns Here. I would kindly ask that if you have friends who also like crochet or quilting, please share the site with them. This helps and strengthens a lot for us to continue together here, bringing the news and always innovating. Otherwise, that’s it guys. Thanks again and see you next time. Xoxo!


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