Rose Flower Bouquet Crochet

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are always well! I’m always very happy to write new articles for you, because I know you love news, and today I brought a big bet, a viral trend in the crochet world. I did a lot of research about it before I came to share it, but I’m sure you’ll love it!

I saw who in several crochet blankets with flower details, the difficulty was to actually make the flowers, there are blankets that go a lot of flowers or roses and it becomes a little tiring, because it is a repetitive work is not it? But it’s something that we know is worth it, when we see our work done it gives us enormous pride, I know this well, because I love the process of making a crocheted blanket, but getting to the result makes me even happier.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Rose Flower Bouquet Crochet

You know, today I brought a model that you will love because it really teaches you that, the great patience and practicality of making flowers and roses… The pattern I am talking about is from Anztazia, I don’t know if you have heard, but she is a great artisan who shares in her channel on Youtube great works and patterns to help us on a daily basis in the world of crochet.
She says she is allergic to flowers, and with that came the great idea to create them in crochet, because she admires the beauty of each one. Besides, crocheted flowers don’t wilt, which is already a big plus point, isn’t it? Imagine making flowers that will last forever!

The pattern I brought today is about a bouquet of roses, and while researching this pattern, I saw that it has gone viral almost all over the world, and I think that everyone is preferring to decorate their homes with flowers that last longer…
It is amazing to see how in the pattern she teaches with such practicality, and that is why I chose well before sharing with you, because even beginners will love to learn how to make this pattern.

The creator gives us several tips on how to use this bouquet of flowers, how to decorate our home, placing it in a beautiful vase on the dining table, or even make one especially for a bride, imagine how beautiful and creative it would look … I am sure the guests would be impressed.

She also gives us a hint about the appropriate yarn, even though she claims to be the one she had in stock, she tells us that it is a great cost/benefit yarn, being 100% acrylic yarn in wool weight. It is an inexpensive yarn with a great color palette for this type of pattern. But of course, you can opt for any other type of yarn, such as cotton, wool, and others. Depending on the choice of yarn, will be the size of the flower. A thinner yarn with a smaller hook will result in a smaller flower. A thicker yarn with a larger hook will result in a much larger flower as well, so the choice is up to you.

And if you have outdoor yarn available in your stash, I’m sure it will be a great idea to make flowers for outdoor use. The creator of the pattern tells us that she made mandalas with 100% acrylic yarn for outdoor use a long time ago, and they are still intact today, because the external yarn makes the durability much longer.

The cool thing about this pattern is that you can use it for several other works, there is a wonderful blanket that you can fill with flowers and also use in an outside environment, imagine how wonderful it would look. The secret is to abuse your creativity when making it, I’m sure it will be fun.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you can put it into practice. Comment on what you thought and do not forget to share with friends and family. Xoxo!


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