Patches and Pinwheels Quilt Pattern

If one of your favorite styles are colorful models, very colorful, with various fabric prints and well mixed, but these models still know how to talk to each other, you are certainly reading the right material that will inspire you and show you a model of amazing quilt to produce, are you ready?

Today I separated for you the Patches and Pinwheels Quilt a model so amazing that it has exactly the qualities and descriptions I pointed out above, it is a very colorful model, with several fabrics and prints, it will surely make you like this style of models fall in love and want to do it right away, at least that’s the feeling I hope it conveys in you. Of course it is a model that can be produced in different ways, perhaps with more classic and neutral colors, but the models I found on the internet were models similar to those in the images, very colorful, with several prints and with the same style of sewing.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Patches and Pinwheels Quilt Pattern

I confess that models that way are not my favorites, and I’m from the group that really likes colored models, however, colored models are different from models with colors and prints, right? And I say this because I believe that models like that, I usually say that they are very polluted with information, and I remember that this is perhaps a term used by designers when they refer to a model with a lot of information, whether written, drawings, or colors. So for me a model like this is a very polluted model, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful and shouldn’t be present in Patterns Here, because my goal is always to inspire you with the models that I share here, being my taste or not.

That’s why I always point out so that you can use Contact in the categories to tell me what you think of the site, criticisms, suggestions and compliments around here are really welcome. I’ve been looking to find models that can inspire you, can help you develop something and models that are exclusive, different and unique. So it certainly doesn’t just have my particular taste here, what I most want is to help you. And it’s funny because even the models that I don’t identify with that much are models that teach me a lot, they are models that without realizing it I end up getting some tips, some ideas to join colors and fabrics, which makes me always end up learning and I love that.

One of the points that caught my attention in this model, which is usually always used with geometric shapes, isn’t it? And I liked the fact that this model unites a square shape that is several small squares and in the end, several triangles are formal. I at least found it very creative and very inspiring. Showing you and me that whenever a model is well produced, well made, it is natural that even what we never imagined would be good ends up being. This is a clear example of this. That’s why I always like to share here, it inspires me too many models like that.

I hope you’re enjoying the Patterns Here content and enjoyed Patches and Pinwheels Quilt, I’ve been trying daily to share with you patterns here, but weekly for sure there will always be pattern updates here, crochet, quilt and knitting. This initially has been my goal around here and I believe I’ve been getting big numbers and big initial models so I want you to leave me tips and advice, I’ll love to read them all, as well as sending your produced models, that’s really cool when you guys do it. , it inspires me a lot to continue sharing here. That’s it for today guys, enjoy a lot and see you next time! Xoxo!


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