Necktie Quilt Pattern

Hello friends quilt lovers, lovers of Patterns Here, how are you? I hope you are well and I wish it with all my heart! I’m so happy to be here once again sharing an amazing quilt pattern that I’m sure will motivate you, inspire you and help you learn new techniques. My first tip is: if you’re not prepared, buckle up because we’re going to embark on an amazing pattern! Let’s go?

The Necktie Quilt The “Tie quilt” is an extremely popular model, a model that really gained a lot of attention because it was made with a tie shape. It’s funny because such a simple format can be so amazing when well produced isn’t it? Which shows that it is not the format that draws attention, but the way it is produced. That’s why this model gained such prominence and why it is so successful with those who are passionate about quilts. I am particularly in love with this model and I confess that there are few models in these styles that manage to catch my attention so easily.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Necktie Quilt Pattern

One of the things I love about this model is that whoever has a husband, father, grandfather, brother at home and they don’t wear ties anymore, let’s face it, is extremely normal nowadays, ties can be useful to exactly produce this pattern. Making it even more practical and also helping you to spend less on fabrics, isn’t that great? I know it sounds funny and I really had a lot of fun watching it, but it’s perfect. Crafts in general are all about reusing something that is stopped, lost and often no longer useful. Not that ties aren’t worn anymore, that’s not what I’m saying, but there are definitely ties that aren’t worn anymore. What makes you can use them precisely to produce this model.

Of course, everything I’m talking about is just a tip for you, to help you and to encourage you. But you can buy fabrics to be quietly producing, without worrying about finding an unused tie. What is amazing to me is precisely the fact that this model manages to unite the useful to the pleasant with such excellence producing a beautiful and perfect model. I sincerely hope you like what you are seeing around here, because I fell in love! One of the things you can also do with a model like this is not to pollute so much, using the edges in a cleaner way, because this makes the pattern not come with so much information, making it easier to visualize the details, the effects .

This is one of the points that I even take advantage of to leave a tip for you, when producing a model and choosing fabrics, in addition to the harmony of colors, it is extremely important that you choose fabrics that do not bring as much information. What I mean by that is that sometimes the goal is just to bring a beautiful pattern, with beautiful fabrics and beautiful effects on the seams, but the fabrics end up making you totally lose the sense of the pattern that was being produced. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here. Otherwise, this pattern for me is just amazing and I’m sure you’ll have fun producing it.

Patterns Here was born with the intention of uniting several models of quilt, crochet in one place. And I hope you’re managing to do this and that you’re enjoying the models around here, thank you so much for visiting and if it’s your first time, come back more often. So that’s it guys, see you next time! Xoxo!


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