Jellied Lone Star Quilt Pattern

I think you’ve already noticed that in the world of quilts, the star is something that is really very present and that’s why even here in Patterns Here you’ll find several models with her present. Of course, as much as it’s very particular, I really think it’s amazing the models that have stars and that are well made in those aspects.

I like to bring these models around here because there’s always something they can teach us new, I love to learn. I don’t know about you, but as much as we don’t like some models, if you look closely, you’ll notice that there will always be something we can learn new, even if what we learn in that specific model is exactly how not to do it. LOL

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Jellied Lone Star Quilt Pattern

But obviously, I’m always looking to bring models that inspire them to produce something new, something incredible. The Jellied Lone Star is exactly that, a very well made model, made with a lot of quality, with a lot of passion and that we can learn a lot if we pay attention to every detail. And obviously if you visit us here constantly, you know that I’m going to score things that caught my attention, but that I’ll be very happy to know what caught your attention in this model, so I always say to be comfortable here on Patterns Here, for me it’s a real privilege to read what you’ve been finding.

When I found this model and went looking for more about it, I realized that there is another very similar pattern that actually confuses a lot, the One Jelly Roll model is really very similar to this one, which I personally believe obviously, because I couldn’t no reports, but I do believe they were inspired by each other. Of course, despite being very similar models, you can analyze and realize that they are different models, especially in the details that are present in them, you will really enjoy following this pattern, believe me.

What caught my attention in this model that I separated for you, initially besides the star that I’m suspicious of saying because I really love stars and I think she manages to be perfect in everything, were the colors and fabrics chosen, in addition to having been sewn very well. Realize that this is something very amazing when combined well and I think it makes all the difference, I mean for you. And also some ways you might be using this pattern that I think would look amazing, I want to highlight here. Because this will really inspire you to be able to imagine making this different model.

One of the ways that I believe it would be very different and incredible is to make a pillow or even a pillow, believe me, if you can imagine with me you will understand what I’m saying, but think of a pillow that looks perfect on the models? That’s exactly what the Jellied Lone Star pattern on a pillow or even a pillow would be for me, besides how it would decorate and give a new face to the environment, whether the living room or the bedroom. It would be really beautiful. Another way I believe is as a tablecloth, which is perfect for anniversaries, isn’t it?

I at least love imagining dates like Easter, Christmas or even birthday as it would be amazing and perfect. I love imagining it so much. These are some tips on how you can get inspired and produce new models, I’m sure you will have fun and enjoy it a lot producing this beautiful model. I hope you’re enjoying Patterns Here a lot, always feel free to tell us what you’re feeling, here you really matter to me and make all the difference. Anyway, good luck and that’s it for today. Good luck and xoxo!


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