Crochet Flower Bucket Hat Pattern

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope good! Today I came to share a different pattern with you, but from what I’ve been reading in the comments you have been asking for different models and this is one of them, but it is being talked about and used a lot, especially among the famous. And yes, I’m talking about the crochet Bucket Hat.

For sure you will fall in love with this pattern, I have two daughters and they went crazy when they saw it, they use it to go to school every day. But of course it is not such a youthful pattern, it serves for all ages and has become a fever all over the world. They are stylish and you can make them with the colors and the way you think is best, to match your style, be it more colorful or more discreet and this customization is totally possible.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Crochet Flower Bucket Hat Pattern

A crochet flower bucket hat is a crochet hat made with floral motifs. It is commonly used to add a feminine touch to a look. It can be worn for both casual occasions and more sophisticated events. The bucket hat usually has a rounded shape and is made with yarns of wool, cotton, or other fabrics. The floral motifs can be embroidered or handmade. The hat is ideal for protecting the face from the sun and is also a great option for informal occasions.

O chapéu de balde de flor de crochê pode ser combinado com muitos looks diferentes. Para um look moderno e descontraído, combine o chapéu com uma camisa de algodão colorida, shorts de cintura alta, sandálias e acessórios como maxi colares, pulseiras e anéis. Para um look mais formal, combine o chapéu com uma saia midi estampada, uma camisa de seda e saltos. Finalize o look com joias sutis e uma bolsa de couro.

To store your crochet flower hat in a way that protects it from damage, it is important to follow a few basic steps. First, make sure that the hat is completely clean before storing it. Next, place the hat in a cool, dry place. If possible, place the hat in a cloth bag and store it in a closet or box. When storing the hat, make sure that you do not place other clothes or objects on top of it as this can damage the hat. Finally, never forget to let the hat breathe by opening the box or cloth bag from time to time.

To make a crochet flower bucket hat, you will need the following materials:

– Crochet thread
– Crochet needle
– Scissors
– One or two crochet flowers (depending on the size of your hat)

Step 1:
Start by crocheting 4 chains and join with a very low stitch to form a ring.

Step 2:
Crochet 8 low stitches inside the ring.

Step 3:
Crochet 2 low stitches in the same stitch.

Step 4:
Crochet 2 low stitches in each stitch of the ring.

Step 5:
Crochet 1 high stitch in each stitch of the ring.

Step 6:
Crochet 1 high stitch in each stitch of the ring.

Step 7:
Crochet 1 high stitch in each following stitch.

Step 8:
Repeat step 7 until your hat is the desired size.

Step 9:
To make the brim of the hat, you can crochet a circle of chains and low stitches.

Step 10:
Crochet the flowers of your choice and sew them onto the hat.

Now your crocheted flower bucket hat is ready!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article and can follow the pattern. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Until the next article, kisses and kisses!


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