Crochet Cat Hat

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and looking forward to the next article! This one is special for pet parents, especially cat parents! We know that the attachment to pets is something that grows more and more all over the world, and with this the pet business industry has also grown a lot, because pet parents want to make their pets more and more pampered.

With this, we bring you an article that you will love if you have cats. Cats are usually more detached, with nothing touching them all the time, but these hats for cats have been going viral and people have used their creativity to create amazing and funny models! Let’s check out some of them?

Dinosaur Hat

This model is funny and is one of the most commented, for some time people have compared cats with dinosaurs, making memes on the Internet and with that came this super creative and funny hat! It is nothing more than a dinosaur hat, as if it were a costume. Now if you have a dog, the model will also serve the same way, imagine a couple of cats and dogs wearing this hat on their heads, fun right?

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Dinosaur Hat

Hat for Cats

This model of hat, which is actually a hat for winter, is a more classic model that we humans always use in winter. Now I’ve imagined looks combining human and cat with the same model of hat, it would be a great success! This also seems to be a warmer and simpler model, that can be made in several colors, your cat will certainly be super stylish!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Hat for Cats

International Cat Hat: France, Le Mieux

Just like the other models, this one also fits cats and dogs, its differential is simply sophistication, there is no hat more chic than this one! I can imagine you walking on the streets of Paris with your cat wearing this hat, I think everyone would stop on the street to take a picture! The hat is nothing more than a typical Parisian beret, I think it’s chic!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – International Cat Hat: France, Le Mieux

Beanie Hat for Cats

Now this model is one of the cutest, the classic Christmas hat, who doesn’t have one of these? You can make several versions, creating several colors. And your pet will be very cute! This is also a good model for Halloween and Christmas, what do you think of this idea? I already love it and I want to make this model for my dogs, if they will like it I don’t know, but maybe in the winter it will be useful!

One observation we have to make is that each of these models were designed especially for pets, but if your pet doesn’t adapt, don’t force him to wear it, it may bother him for the simple fact that they are not used to clothes. So, try to use comfortable threads when making it so that there is no irritation, after all, our pets are like children, we must take care of them above all!

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Beanie Hat for Cats

So, did you enjoy the article? Tell me if one of these patterns will be perfect for your pet, I loved them all!

Now let me know if you like this trend and if you have any models that you will try to make! If you do, send us a picture of the result, we’d love to see it. If you want to see another article on our site, write in the comments, we are always looking for modern and amazing patterns that are also easy to learn! See you next time, kisses!

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