Colourful State of Mind Blanket Crochet Pattern

Hello friends from Patterns Here, how are you? I hope you’re okay and if you’re not, you’ll keep this amazing pattern that I’ve set aside for you today. I’m sure they will be excited and motivated, it’s just amazing. Are you ready? I hope so. Because today the crochet pattern is very special and elegant, it will really make you fall in love!

Today’s model caught my attention because of its strong and striking colors, this was really essential for me to look in a special way. But when looking deeper, I had the opportunity to meet a special model, with very interesting techniques and an innovative touch, it made me bring this model that I’m sure will be very useful for you. The Colorful State of Mind Blanket is a special, different and very, very beautiful and I’m sure you’ll have fun producing it.

Pattern/Image/Tutorial – Colourful State of Mind Blanket Crochet Pattern

Today crochet models can be used in different ways, the truth is that how to use them nowadays has become so natural that there is no lack of reasons and ways to use patterns. It can be used to decorate, it can be used to warm up in the cold, some even as a rug and others as a sofa cover. The truth is that over time, crocheting stopped being something very exclusive for a situation and started to gain space in all areas and I love this fact because it made you and I were here today at Patterns Here new models, isn’t it?

And this unique pattern can be used in a variety of ways, although this unique pattern is very colorful, you can bring life to an environment that is in need of a color and something that draws attention and, believe me, it will certainly fulfill this role very well. . I loved the details and the way it takes to form the dots, it’s just amazing and special. That’s the truth. What I like to talk about and emphasize is also how important it is to choose good colors, isn’t it? It has a much more special touch than we think and I really enjoy it.

Regarding this model, in addition to everything I mentioned above, it has some peculiarities and one of them is the fact that it has 12 colors in its composition, although it looks less, it ends up forming rainbow colors and its compositions, so it ends up using it all by color. In the end it will have the size of 100 x 88cm (39.4 x 34.6in) if you follow this pattern exactly, I confess that I thought it was a little small, but this goes a lot with what you need and really want. I like to score and bring it to you so that you have knowledge before starting to invest time to produce and in the end, not be what you want.

In addition to having the abbreviations we are used to, it doesn’t hurt to remember:
beg-ss ch3: beginning ch3 with ss. Ch4, ss in first ch from hook. This creates a ‘loose’ chain to close the round with later.
ch: chain
ch-sp(s): chain-space(s)
dc: double crochet
hdc: half double crochet
RS: Right side
ss: slip stitch
tr: treble
WS: Wrong side
These abbreviations you will find a lot, so it’s worth keeping them. I know that in all patterns we come across them, but some end up not having this information so I thought it was important to share them here.

In addition, this model is unique, innovative and very beautiful. I’m sure you won’t regret producing it, with focus, attention and a lot of patience, you’ll certainly have an incredible result. So that’s it guys, that’s it for today. If you can share Patterns Here with your friends who love crochet, it will help us a lot. I will be very grateful. See you next time, xoxo!


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