Caron Half & Half Crochet Cardigan

Hi guys! How nice to be back, I was on vacation for a few days enjoying the children’s vacations but I was excited to write again on this blog, I have lots of new inspiration to share and amazing patterns that I’m sure you’ll love.

You know, on this vacation I learned a lot of things and I took the opportunity to make some quilts for my own use, since I’ve always made them to order for acquaintances and neighbors who asked a lot. I made blankets for myself, for the kids and for some cousins who came to spend the vacations at home too, and they loved it and started to take an interest in crochet. I taught them a little of what I know and helped them to follow the patterns that I share here, there are lots of cool things for beginners!

Pattern Image/Tutorial – Caron Half & Half Cardigan Crochet

Well, today I came to share a very beautiful and fun cardigan. I know that here on the blog there are other patterns that are always a success and are more in fashion than ever, especially with famous people wearing them… But today’s model is a little different, but using the techniques that we have seen for sure in several places and many of you must already do!This cardigan pattern consists of using the Granny pattern together with the Battenberg pattern. The cool thing is to have fun doing it, since its original version has several colors, making the piece very colorful and fun, it would make a great look! Surely those who see you on the street with a cardigan like this will ask and want one too.

A crochet cardigan is a type of jacket or blouse that is made using a crochet needle. They are usually made with wool, but can also be made from cotton, linen, silk, or other soft fabrics. These cardigans are usually made with a simple knitting pattern and are known to have a beautiful, elegant design. They provide more warmth than traditional cardigans because the crochet yarns are tighter and keep the warmth around the body. Crochet cardigans are a great option for those looking for a classic and elegant look.

A crochet cardigan is a fun and versatile way to add a personal touch to your looks. It is versatile to wear all year round, as it is warm in the winter and light in the summer. In addition, it is a unique and personalized accessory that gives you a chance to show off your creativity, as you can choose from a large number of colors, patterns, and styles. Lastly, a crochet cardigan is sturdy and durable, so you can wear it for many years.

Well, for this cardigan pattern we have a size guide. If you want to make it in size XS/S or M, you should adjust to 28-38″ 71-96.5cm.
For size L or XL, it would be 40-46″ 101.5-117 cm. 2/3/4/5GG 48-62″ 122-157.5 cm
Finished trunk: XS/P/M 44″ 112 cm. G/GG 56″ 142 cm, 2/3/4/5GG 68″ 173cm.

The materials needed to make this pattern would be a number of threads according to the size chosen from the listing in the pattern. The other information will be on the link of the pattern.

Of course it is totally adaptable to the way you want to make it, what we have seen most lately are the cardigans using the Granny pattern. So you can choose only one pattern when making your cardigan, and it is not necessary to use both. We know that for beginners this pattern can be a little more difficult and take a little more time to finish.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this inspiration as much as I did, I was really looking forward to sharing this beautiful cardigan design with you! In case you manage to put it into practice, send us a picture so we know how it turned out, we’ll love to see! And for you who are visiting us for the first time, it’s great to have you here with us. Send us your suggestions in the comments and tell us what you thought about this article! See you soon, kisses and kisses!


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